1. This is a spectrumanalysis when the probe was held against the door of our LG refrigerator.

The sweep was done from 1 Hz up to 30.000 kHz or 30 MHz.

The probe was a ball antenna, mounted on a Spectran NF 5035 with UBBV2.

The software is the free MCS version 1.6.4.

2. This is a spectrumanalysis, when the probe was not held against the refrigerator.

3.Here the green peaks are caused by a power plug (in the city of Gent). This is *dirty power*.
Note the scale goes from 5kHz up to 20.000kHz, or 20MHz.

It was measured in another power outlet some 5 meters away. But this goes through the whole house, in order to be able to use TV or internet even in the bedroom.
Samuel Milham also wrote to me: I have been finding many of the same things that you find.
Dirty Electricity is spectrum wide.


4. And here the power plug was withdrawn from the wall socket.
What remains is the rest of *dirty power*, present in the mains electricity net.

5. Here, the electricity was completely shut off.
The peaks were measured on a gas tube of a cooking stove, which of course was grounded to the system.

But all wall sockets were contaminated. It was measurable in the ground, even in a water well on a cable 3 meters deep.
And finally even in certain places in the air. *Dirty air*. The inhabitants have flown and sold their property.

6. This shows what I measure with a lot of homes on only the grounding lines.
I advise here to install a new grounding, much deeper, and where one comes upwards with a shielded wire, so that underway, no *dirty air* is picked up.

Many persons experience troubles when they have painted their walls with shielding paint. But this paint must be grounded. And with many bad grounding lines, they just radiates these frequencies picked from the ground.

9. This nice peak at 100kHz, I measured inside a side lobe of an UMTS (3G) transmitter.
The peaks came exactly at the working place and the sleeping rooms of the client.
This frequency travels as *dirty air*, comes at a wall, travels there as *dirty power* in electrical wirings, and passes wall sockets, or appliances as *dirty air* again.

7. The green peaks at the centre are measured at only the grounding pin of my electricity outlet.
I then measured at the heating radiator of our central heating system in our appartment building.
Clearly the same peaks can be seen, but also new ones at 675kHz and 825kHz.

8. This was my Acer 26" monitor.
I checked several monitors with my VLF Detector (5kHz-150kHz), of which quite a number were disapproved.
This Acer was the best I could find. But at home, I measured him with my Spectrumanalyser, and found these nice peaks around 4,5MHz.
See, that in the lower frequency region, so up to 2500kHz (or 2,5MHz) no remarkable peaks were present.

A few months ago, the monitor died, full of shame.

10. Here the inhabitants could not stay at the front of the house, because on the other side of the road, on top of an appartment building several mobile phone masts were present.
Inside the house, in the corner I measured a lot of *dirty air*.
The grounded antenna against the facade did eliminate the present *dirty air* , and the furniture was replaced to the front of the house, where the sensitive persons can remain without any adverse effects.
Note, the radiation of the mobile phone masts is still the same, but does not have the earlier devastating effects.

Most important for me is, as seen above, the Electromagnetic Radiation factor.
Using a *gizmo* may give an instant change of value.

Some Biomarkers do react instantly, others do need more time.
For instance, the liver fat content may rise in 30 minutes.
I have measured that with a DECT phone on my desk. Hanging a *special gizmo* did lower it, to even under the null-measurement.

With a special Biofeedback system, I can measure up to 170 Biomarkers within minutes.
And I have done so with a number of electrosensitive persons.

To the left it is shown, that most electrosensitives do have a chronical Calcium shortage.
Aside to that, above is seen that they may also have an amount of Calcium loss.


Below is the chapter Cardiovascular to be seen.

In the issue of *het bitje* November 2010 I have compared several HF meters with each other.
Here they measured the same DECT phone placed several meters away.

That does not mean the end of the world, but one should be aware of the limitations of the gear one is working with.